Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm off!

So guys the time has come for me to leave in search of sun, sea and cocktails! I will take lots of beautiful piccys during my time away! I'm off to Egypt which im sure alot of people know has had alot of civil riots and political backlash, so wish me luck! hopefully I come back looking something like this...
(Hahaaaa i wish!)

And not looking like this...

Bye dolls!
Emmy x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Urban lusts!

I don't know if anyone else does this, or if i'm just strange?! But although I am addicted to my laptop and searching up new things and watching youtube channels, I always seem to run out of things to do so I end up sat with my search engine open wondering what to look at next!! So last night I was doing this and I thought of one of Katies videos (DollyBowBow, check her out, she had a great sense of style and the cutest online boutique for jewellry, ) I haven't had a chance to order any bits from her yet but I am definately planning on it. Anyway so I remembered her mentioning a watch from Urban Outfitters, in her room tour i think. So I was browsing through the website and found some other bits and pieces I think I will order for my room :) here's what I found...

I absolutely love the set of 3 birds that mount on your wall, I'm planning on re-decorating my room in the coming weeks so these would look lovely. These two watches also caught my eye, the gold watch being similar to the one I saw in the video. I always go for chunky mens watches as I prefer them to ladies. But i seem to be changing my style as I loved these two, and you can never have too many watches right?? I will let you guys know what they are all like when I have ordered and received them!
Emmy x

Summer dreams make me feel fine

Photographs taken by me

So I thought I needed to update my blog! This time next week I will be on my way to sunny sunny Egypt and I cannot wait! I have really enjoyed getting my summer clothes together and getting everything sorted. I came across these pictures I took a couple of years ago for part of my a-levels. Usually I prefer the winter, mainly because I love the clothes and wrapping up warm! But now I am so excited for the summer and to start planning more holidays, these photos just made me all the more excited!

Friday, 21 January 2011

My first blogger award!

Firstly like would like to thank Sasmita at for giving me this award! (Very sorry but I haven't worked out how to link!)

Now, time for the rules --
1. Thank the person who gave you the award, linking back to his/her blog!
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact & tell them about what lovely they won.

I will contact everyone when I have a little more time, but check them out :)

So here are the 7 secrets about me ---

1. I have only had this blog for a week today!
2. I own over 100 pairs of false eyelashes
3. I have a tattoo of a diamond on my finger
4. I am ADDICTED to my blackberry...they don't nickname it crackberry for nothing!
5. I did an art foundation course and hated it
6. I cry at everything, babies...puppies...everything I tell you
7. In one of my interviews for university, I was interviewed by a top fashion Photographer...and totally didnt realise until about 2weeks later when I received the rejection letter!
Following are the 15 wonderful blogs I would love to give this Award!


Thursday, 20 January 2011

UV...or not UV?

Hey ladies :) I want opinions, advice and basically want to know everyones views on this subject...sun tanning.
So do you guys fake it or bake it?
I'm off to Egypt soon and would love to hear how you guys make sure you get the optimum glow! Comments please!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

HELP! I am useless!

Right my lovely ladies, I need some advice! So many of you have beautiful blogs with pictures of your inspiration, different headers and do I do this?? Is there a website I could look at? I want to jazz up my blog and make it more 'me' but I am completely clueless...I would appreciate any advice! Also how do you guys sign each blog with a little signature?! You know what I mean?
Emmy xx

Art Foundation

So last year I did an art foundation and these were some images I produced as part of a series of iconic movie re-makes...(if that makes ANY sense!)  The top was based on Pulp fiction and the iconic movie poster. All pictures were shot and edited by me and they feature my lovely little sister as my model :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Military Madness!

Dark Grey Buckle Military Boots, OWN THE RUNWAY
Was £36.99, Now £29.99

I had my eye on them for a while and when that magical day known as pay day rolled around, I was straight on the laptop ordering them. Unfortunately I received an email telling me the last pair was damaged and did I want a refund as the next shipment of the boots weren't due for another 3-4weeks. No question about it! I would wait for my boots. When they arrived a few weeks later I loved them immediately and they haven't really left my feet since, (don't worry, the distressed and worn look suits them!) The only moan I have about them is that the fabric on the sole has come away and made the boots slightly uncomfortable. This was quickly fixed by popping in a pair of padded insoles. Voila!

Monday, 17 January 2011

GOSH eyeliners

Velvet Touch eyeliners Colours (From top)
Lemon Soda
Purple Stain
Sky High
Blue Moon

GOSH cosmetics is a drugstore line of make up widely avaliable in the UK, I purchase mine from Superdrug. They do a great selection of make up at really reasonable prices, I especially love the pallettes as they come in great colours that are really pigmented, one of my favourites is Eyeshadow Trio in Fudge...

My favourite products are the Velvet touch eyeliners. They come in a fantastic range of colours from classic browns and blacks to tangerine oranges and lime greens. I wear mine on my lower lash line for a great pop of colour, this works well with a neutral eyeshadow.

The quality of the liners are easily comparable to the likes of the big names such as MAC or Chanel. They glide on smoothly and really do have a velvety feel. The colours are highly pigmented (as you can see from my swatches). I would definately recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to MAC.

Holiday outfits

Bow sandals, ASOS (last season)
Platform courts, Primark
Gladiators, River Island
Playsuit, Next (this season) £25
Dress, Primark (bought today for £5!)
Cardy, Primark (bought today, £10)

So I'm jetting off to somewhere hot and exotic in less than 2 weeks now, so I guess its time to start thinking about clothes and shoes to take! These are a few items that will be coming with me :) I especially love the floral Playsuit from next, it looks great thrown on over a bikini by the pool, and also with a pair of heels (the tan courts from Primark) for an evening out, so its pretty and versatile!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Quality or quantity?

90 pairs of eyelashes-ebay

Whilst looking on ebay for some good deals before christmas, I stumbled across a seller selling 90 pairs of eyelases for under a I asked myself... What's the catch? But I was also thinking 'BRILLIANT no more spending a fiver everytime i wanted beautifully long thick lashes'.
I had come across a youtube video reviewing the same product so I went back to that and watched the whole thing. The girl seemed slightly critical but on the whole happy enough for her purchases so I asked for them for a small stocking filler. Come christmas morning I was excited to open 9 bubble wrapped boxes containing my eyelashes! Thank god... I will never have to fork out for them again! The first time time I came round to using them, I thought they had a very plasticy cheap feel and did not mould at all well with my eye. Even layering 3 or more lashes onto each other made no difference it looks as though I will go back to spending £5+ for a single pair of lashes! Girls...don't make the mistake I did and choose quantity over quality...It's so not worth it.

Friday, 14 January 2011

MAC...Tartan Tale

MAC Tartan Tale, 5 Smokey Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitters

As soon as pay day comes around the corner, I already have everything planned out in my head that I'm wanting to splash the cash on that month. Last month it was one of the limited edition MAC pieces. At £27.50 I wasn't sure if it would be worth the money as I hadn't seen the product size for myself, but the colours looked so intriguing I decided I HAD to have it. The colours included are Jigs & Jive, Dark Soul, Reflects Blackened Red Glitter, Blue Brown and Naked. When my little black box arrived, I was incredibly disappointed to find that Reflects Blackened Red Glitter had accidentally opened in transit and spilt! I managed to salvage most of it thank god! However, there wasn't very much of it to clear up as the pots are not the regular sized Pigments, they are alot smaller. I decided that due to the range of colours that you get for your money, the size doesn't really matter as you do get alot for your money.


Paintings created by yours truly

Over the past six months or so, I have created around 7 paintings, some of which have been sold to friends and family. It takes me about 2 whole days to create each one. They are mixed media pieces including acrylics, drawing ink and oils. However, the oils make it so that the paintings take between 2 and 4 weeks so dry! Bummerrrr

kardashian storage?

Kim Kardashian storage

I have no shame in admitting that 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' is one of my favourite programmes. Everything about their lifestyle I am in love with, the endless shopping trips, massive cars and dining out every night at one exclusive eatery after another! In one episode in particular, I noticed this acrylic storage set Kim Kardashian uses for her make up. I am in LOVE with it! I can't seem to find one anywhere the same size or colour...any help??