Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Military Madness!

Dark Grey Buckle Military Boots, OWN THE RUNWAY
Was £36.99, Now £29.99

I had my eye on them for a while and when that magical day known as pay day rolled around, I was straight on the laptop ordering them. Unfortunately I received an email telling me the last pair was damaged and did I want a refund as the next shipment of the boots weren't due for another 3-4weeks. No question about it! I would wait for my boots. When they arrived a few weeks later I loved them immediately and they haven't really left my feet since, (don't worry, the distressed and worn look suits them!) The only moan I have about them is that the fabric on the sole has come away and made the boots slightly uncomfortable. This was quickly fixed by popping in a pair of padded insoles. Voila!


  1. cute boots, and nice site. checkout my giveaway



  2. I love military boots! x