Sunday, 16 January 2011

Quality or quantity?

90 pairs of eyelashes-ebay

Whilst looking on ebay for some good deals before christmas, I stumbled across a seller selling 90 pairs of eyelases for under a I asked myself... What's the catch? But I was also thinking 'BRILLIANT no more spending a fiver everytime i wanted beautifully long thick lashes'.
I had come across a youtube video reviewing the same product so I went back to that and watched the whole thing. The girl seemed slightly critical but on the whole happy enough for her purchases so I asked for them for a small stocking filler. Come christmas morning I was excited to open 9 bubble wrapped boxes containing my eyelashes! Thank god... I will never have to fork out for them again! The first time time I came round to using them, I thought they had a very plasticy cheap feel and did not mould at all well with my eye. Even layering 3 or more lashes onto each other made no difference it looks as though I will go back to spending £5+ for a single pair of lashes! Girls...don't make the mistake I did and choose quantity over quality...It's so not worth it.

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