Thursday, 20 January 2011

UV...or not UV?

Hey ladies :) I want opinions, advice and basically want to know everyones views on this subject...sun tanning.
So do you guys fake it or bake it?
I'm off to Egypt soon and would love to hear how you guys make sure you get the optimum glow! Comments please!


  1. Think the common thing ppl would say is NO to sunbeds but I go on them now and again but mainly use fake tan. Think using them in moderation is the sensible thing. anyhoo i love your blog.

  2. I use the sunbed I stopped but have recently started again Ive had two 12 minute sessions and Im not going to move onto 1 9 minute session a week for 4 weeks then cut down to 6 minutes every two weeks once ive built a nice color!

    People say dont use sunbeds but i'd say dont use them excessively like dont go on a sunbed for 12 minutes 3 times a week forever thats hella crazy and youll have leather skin by the time your 30!

    I sometimes fake it in between if I need a pick me up

    tanning ALWAYS makes me feel better!
    Have a beautiful holiday in Egypt!

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    muaaah x

  3. UV is no more headache for me, I am working from home now :) :)

    Hey Emmy, it's a lovely blog & you have been awarded "The Versatile blogger award". It's in my blog, come and take the badge!