Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm off!

So guys the time has come for me to leave in search of sun, sea and cocktails! I will take lots of beautiful piccys during my time away! I'm off to Egypt which im sure alot of people know has had alot of civil riots and political backlash, so wish me luck! hopefully I come back looking something like this...
(Hahaaaa i wish!)

And not looking like this...

Bye dolls!
Emmy x


  1. omg I would so not go to egypt now! Take care!

  2. Look out for yourself! I'd be too paranoid to go, you're a brave gal :P

  3. I would not go after hearing about all the riots and all the shootings, I mean at least a 100 peaple are dead.. and they say that mubarak is hiding in sharm el sheikh so i hope you're not going there!
    anyway bee careful!!

  4. nice blog you have here. i'm following you now pretty. ;)

  5. Have fun on your trip!!
    I laughed at the picture of Donatella, haha!!
    Be safe!

    Andrée xx

  6. hope you had a good and safe holiday!

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  7. My goodness! Be careful in Egypt! It's so dangerous and looks like it's only getting worse! :(

  8. like your blog what you think about following each other :)

  9. oh lol, have fun!